Qing Xu
Microelectronics Research Engineer

Qing Xu graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Spring of 2005. His studies at Georgia Tech include two undergraduate research positions as well as in depth courses in IC design and fabrication. The undergraduate research positions which he was involved in were in the field of MEMS technology and RFID technology. His work in MEMS research involved working to produce a micromirror array through the use of pulse electroplating. The RFID work was in design and simulation of RFID tag antennas with the ATHENA Research Group under Dr. Manos Tenzteris. While studying at Georgia Tech, he completed courses in Semiconductor Devices, Microelectronic Circuits Lab, Analog Electronics, Digital Integrated Circuits, and IC Fabrication; all of which contribute to his background knowledge in the work he is involved in at Belford Research Inc. to develop new processes for use in the microelectronics industry.