Rona Belford

Rona Belford formed Belford Research, Inc. for the sole purpose of researching and exploiting the physical and mechanical routes to straining semiconductors, in order to change their electronic and optical properties.

Dr. Belford graduated in 1978 with a First Class Honors degree in Chemistry. During her post-graduate studies she changed discipline to Electrical Engineering and in 1985 graduated with a Ph.D. in the field of physical electronics at The University of Edinburgh. A final year prize winner, she also received the International Prize for Innovative Devices from the Society for Hybrid Microelectronics and in 1993 was awarded the RSE research scholarship for research into the behavior of ions in amorphous materials. During her tenured post in Edinburgh, lecturing in physical electronics, Dr. Belford ran an active research group. The main area of study was that of electronic and optical sensors, specializing in amorphous semiconductors.

In 1994 she took up permanent residence in the US and headed a research team developing laser materials which are now in production. During 1997-99 she initiated and ran a research effort studying strained-Si technology with Edinburgh University. In 1999 she founded Belford Research Inc.

Dr. Belford is an Honorary Fellow of the College of Science and Engineering at The University of Edinburgh: A Chartered Scientist and a member of Royal Society of Chemistry (1978): A Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (1990): A member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (2000) and the Electron Devices Society (2001).

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